So, uh... Welcome? I guess?

Fair warning: this is my personal space. On this blog lies my deepest, darkest secrets and I kid you not. Once you click the button below, you'll be redirected to a page where some unpleasant truths about me are revealed. As one of my previous bosses once told me, I'm an open book. Good luck leafing through the pages.

Inside the Chaotic Mind of a Lost Girl

Before you dive headfirst into my world, let me give you another fair warning: it’s a complete pandemonium in here. I write about a lot of stuff, from fighting invisible monsters to expressing disgust for misogynistic losers and everything in between. But I write about the good stuff, too.

It’s true. I refuse to choose a niche despite my blogger friends’ repeated warnings about how creating a themeless blog could hurt my blog views. But I insisted. I’m the nowheregirl, you see. If my blog did have a direction, it would defeat the purpose of naming my blog as such.

So here’s me giving you an idea of what lies ahead. If you are interested in a particular topic and would love to skip the ones that bore you, I categorized my posts. Choose a poison and you’ll get what you wish for:

Mental Health

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