​Singletons Come Together to Watch Bridget Jones’s Baby on the Big Screen

(Spoilers Ahead)

By way of introduction, I am not a Singleton by any means. But Singleton or not, I’ve fallen head over heels for Bridget Jones’s love and life story ever since I read the first two books: Bridget Jones’s Diary and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. I was lucky enough to get into a fight with my boyfriend (ironically) when the third movie came out, so I took the opportunity to go to the movie theater alone. I did not regret a single thing. In fact, I actually loved the experience. Here’s why:

Bridget Jones’s Baby was screened in selected Philippine cinemas and I chose Robinsons Place Manila because it was the nearest mall to me. When I found out from ClickTheCity’s website that the movie was to be screened in the mall’s Cinema 1, I knew right there and then that this was the perfect place to be. The cinema houses only like a hundred seats and it rarely ever gets full. As an introvert, I would NEVER watch a movie in a theater if it’s full of people–annoying and pretentious people to be exact–which is always the case with mainstream films (Star Cinema, MMFF, Marvel, and the likes) and mainstream indie (yup, it’s a thing nowadays) films like the movies in Cinemalaya.

As you would have guessed, the cinema was not even half full. There were only like 30 of us and as expected, ALL of us were WOMEN. I was not surprised at all. When I pictured myself going to the cinema house earlier that day, I saw a place full of Singletons who see themselves as Bridget Jones in real life.

The Bridget Jones movies were not blockbuster hits in the Philippines, so I guess the people who came to watch the third movie were either those who have read the books, those who have watched the first two movies and loved it, those who have both read the books and watched the movie and went head over heels for them, and those who review movies for a living.

As I scanned the place, I saw women who went alone, women in groups, and even one pregnant woman who went on her own. I think these women went to see the movie because they can relate to Bridget Jones for a number of reasons. I did. In fact, I think we all did.

I think it’s safe to say that majority of us who watched the third installation can see a reflection of ourselves in Bridget Jones: the clumsy, awkward hopeless romantic who keeps a diary to keep track of her accomplishments but life always gets in the way to ruin her plans so she ends up being alone most of the time (even, as she stated in the movie, when she and Darcy were together). When our favorite heroine appeared on the screen, I knew. In that moment, Bridget Jones was all of us.

In that moment, Bridget Jones was all of us.


Bridget’s Big Comeback and Her Big Problems: Two Boys and a Big Bump

Enter the new and improved Bridget Jones on the big screen. We all felt sorry for Daniel Cleaver, but laughed our heads off when our favorite heroine started acting like her normal self: the woman who speaks and moves awkwardly in front of people. When All By Myself started playing in the background on her 43rd birthday, we knew that our Bridget Jones was back.

Things are going quite well as Bridget celebrates her 43rd birthday. She’s single again, but her life has been fine without Darcy–Bridget is now a big-time television producer. But no matter how hard she tries to be happy in the company of her friends and family, Bridget must face the truth this time: she is not getting any younger. At the age of 43, she might lose her last chance to conceive a baby. All of her friends were already married and having children. Though she won’t admit it, our poor heroine is alone again.

Photo Source: Google

But life has its own way of reminding us of our past in the most unexpected ways. Bridget bumps into Mark Darcy for the first time after their breakup–only this time, he’s with his wife. We all thought that the quiet Mark Fitzwilliam Darcy, whom we fell in love with in the first two movies, is the one true love of our much-loved protagonist. Sadly, they broke up because Darcy had been busy with his work, leaving Bridget feeling alone most of the time.

When Bridget’s friend Miranda takes her to a music festival for a birthday treat, they made a deal that Bridget would have sex with the first man that she stumbles upon. Here comes our dashing debonair who goes by the name Jack Qwant, the billionaire who owns a dating site that matches couples according to the algorithm of love. And knowing how things come and go in Bridget’s life, they met in the most awkward (and disgusting) way–by falling into the mud.

Photo Source: Google

Bridget and Miranda let their hair down at the music festival until they get drunk and accidentally went their separate ways. Miranda finds herself making out with Ed Sheeran, while our Bridget finds herself entering the wrong tents trying to find her lost friend. Thanks to the Gods above, she ends up in the tent of our handsome Jack. As expected, they had passionate sex between the sheets. Next morning, Bridget again finds herself alone.

Like the past two movies, the film made me feel a roller coaster of emotions. I laughed so hard, especially when Ed Sheeran, one of my favorite singer-songwriters, appeared. I personally liked how Bridget, a 43-year old woman who tried her best to act cool, to look and feel young, and to let her hair down at a music festival, failed at the “look young” part when she did not recognize Ed Sheeran. I was amazed at how the writers and director presented the irony and the truth–that Bridget is getting old and that she already needs to settle down but there she was: enjoying life and setting aside the loneliness that comes from being alone but still worried that she might end up like this for the rest of her life. It was also the choices of songs like Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran and Gangnam Style by Psy that helped present the irony of the situation.

Things go back to normal as the two ladies go home. A good news welcomes Bridget this time–one of her friends invites her to become the godmother of her child. As it turns out, the godfather is the one and only Mr. Mark Darcy.

Photo Source: Universal Pictures

Here comes the most kilig moment for me: Darcy kisses Bridget instead of the baby when the photographer urges them to try to look happy because it is, after all, a christening and not a funeral. I even made the screenshot of that scene my cover photo on Facebook because you see, I’m at a loss for words until now.

Being the only godparents in the event, the past lovers are forced to talk to each other. Things are awkward until Darcy invites Bridget to get some air. Now, we see the sparks of an old flame coming to life again. Bridget finds out that Darcy and his wife divorced and they kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss and make love upstairs.

Bridget Jones's Baby
Photo Source: Universal Pictures

Bridget Rose Jones is now pregnant, and she’s never been happier in her entire life. Now the big question is, who is the daddy? Is it Jack Qwant, the sweet debonair, or Mark Darcy, Bridget’s could-have-been-hubby?

Photo Source: Google

I won’t go into details now because I don’t want to spoil you (if you want to know the ending, go watch the movie). I’m ending this by giving you a hint:

Jack Qwant is the prince charming that every woman wants to marry. Rich, handsome, sweet, and affectionate–it’s all things beautiful rolled into one. He even asked Bridget to come and live with him to start a family. Mark Darcy, on the other hand, loves Bridget beyond words, but his responsibility as a dedicated lawyer always gets in the way. The differences of Mark Darcy and Bridget Jones made their relationship even more difficult to handle. But whoever turns out to be the father of the baby, our favorite heroine is bound to get her happy ever after. She deserves it, though. We all do.

If you are a Bridget Jones at heart, continue to be yourself because there are so many of us out here who believe in the good and beauty in you. If Bridget Jones can find her own happy ending, so can you. Believe me, so can you.

If Bridget Jones can find her own happy ending, so can you.


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