13 Rare Songs of Taylor Swift That Would Make the Perfect “Unreleased” Album

I’ve been a die-hard Swiftie ever since I first heard Teardrops on My Guitar on my aunt’s desktop computer way back in 2007. I was only 12 years old back then. Fast forward to 2016 when Taylor has had too many ex-boyfriends, has made a bad blood with different celebrities, and has changed her genre from country to pop, I still go gaga whenever she releases a new album or song. I guess that’s true love.

As a certified Swiftie, I take pride in the fact that I know something that normal people don’t: Taylor Swift’s unreleased or rare songs. I guess majority of Swifties would agree with me when I say that I would trade all the fancy things in life just to hear Taylor say that she will release an “Unreleased” album.

I know it doesn’t make sense because the songs were not called unreleased for no reason, but to see this “Unreleased” album come to life is a dream come true for every Swiftie.

“To see this ‘Unreleased’ album come to life is a dream come true for every Swiftie.”

I asked some of my fellow Swifties a question: If Taylor were to release an album with her rare songs on it, which ones would you like to see on the list? Find out the results on the list below.

13. Thirteen Blocks (Can’t Call It Love)

“Only thirteen blocks across this town to make up my mind

So I best be driving slow on my way to letting go”

I don’t think this would not be a legit list if I didn’t put Thirteen Blocks on the 13th spot. This song is about unrequited love–how a girl suddenly realizes that she “can’t call it love” if the other one is “ain’t in it.” I love how Tay used Thirteen Blocks as a metaphor for how limited her time is to decide if she’s ready to let go. It’s the song that every Swiftie should listen to when having second thoughts about letting go of a boy who doesn’t deserve your love. If I were you, I would take it from Tay: if the feeling ain’t strong, just move on and leave it in your past.

12. Permanent Marker

“X is the shape I drew through your face in permanent marker”

Permanent Marker is one of those songs that remind you that you wouldn’t want to have a bad blood with Taylor. Hurt her and she’ll write a song about you that would make you want to disappear from the world forever because I’m pretty sure that the spotlight would be on you for quite a long time. This is the Picture to Burn and Better Than Revenge of the Unreleased album.

11. Writing Songs About You

“I can’t wait for the day I stop pretending

That I’m really okay when I’m not

I wanna know how it feels to be

Over you for real

Until I do, I’ll keep writing songs about you”

Have you ever wondered why Taylor is gifted with songwriting skills? I mean, how can a human being as young as 14 years old write beautiful country songs about love, life, and heartbreak?

Well, I don’t. Knowing Tay, I guess she uses her heartbreaks as inspiration and turns her mess into a message to inspire us or, most of the time, make us cry through her songs. Writing Songs About You is the perfect example of this. It speaks about her heartache in a light way, bringing a message full of hope in the end.

10. Being With My Baby

“Ohh, life’s so sweet right here

Ohh, keeping it young and crazy

Ohh, just wanna stay right here

‘Cause nothing’s quite like being with my baby”

Now that’s the Taylor Swift that we all first fell in love with–the young country girl who loves to tell life and love stories in detail through her catchy songs. ‘Nuff said.

9. Better Off

“All my friends are saying,

‘Girl, what are you thinking?’

You’re better off, you’re better off without him”

If you haven’t heard the song yet and you see the title and the lyrics above, you’d think Better Off is about a stupid girl who fell in love with a douchebag. Truth is, this song is like Ours. You know how people throw rocks at things that shine? That’s it. The song ends with the guy saying “we don’t have to do things their way.” It’s about two people who choose to stay in love despite the many obstacles that come their way.

8. Never Mind

“All I really want to do is be next to you

But I’m too tired to fight

And I could tell you now

But then never mind”

What happens when you love someone you can’t have? You go crazy and cry. But when you’re too tired to fight like the Taylor in this song, listen to Never Mind and cry harder. Go ahead and hurt yourself even more. Because, after all, you’d rather be alone than lose him, right? The song is heartbreaking like that.

7. This Is Really Happening

“Tell me

You’ll never leave me

And I’m not crazy

And this is really happening”

Remember that time when you’re crazy in love that you feel like you are on cloud nine and you’re wondering if this is really happening or not? It’s all those wonderful things that happen when you’re in love rolled into one song. I bet you’d replay those moments in your head while playing this on repeat.

6. Dark Blue Tennessee

“Missing you like this is such sweet sorrow

Won’t you come back to me?”

It’s just a short little song, but it will let you feel all the bitterness that comes from getting left behind by someone you love so much. Dark Blue Tennessee is like All Too Well played on piano, only shorter.

5. Diary of Me 

“What you get is what you see

Baby, you hold the key

To the diary of me”

If there’s one song that would best describe Taylor, it would be Diary of Me. Each line reveals what she’s like in real life. And oh, did I mention she’s an open book? Yes, and what we get is what we see. Just one of the million reasons why we love this angel-devil, mission rebel who sometimes get temperamental.

4. I Need You Now

“I need you now

Red letters that I wrote on the wall

And the message that I left when I called”

It’s the song you should listen to if you’re longing for someone who left you hanging because Taylor’s got a message for you: you are a strong, beautiful girl and even though your world’s a little colder now, know that you’ll get warm somehow.

3. One Thing

“I want you back but it’s coming down to nothing”

When it’s time to let go of that one thing that you thought would never leave, never turn back. After all, it doesn’t always happen like it does in the movies. It’s painful to listen to, but the fact that we all can relate to her lyrics is one of the best things about Taylor Swift.

2. By The Way

“By the way

My heart’s still breaking

It’s gonna take me a while to love again”

Again, this is one of those songs that make you wonder how Taylor can write painstakingly amazing songs about heartbreak and love. She must have been really hurt to be able to write a song as heart-wrenching as this. I remember that I’ve had a phase in my life when I broke up with my boyfriend and whenever I listened to this song, I literally broke down and cried. I was only 14 then and I always pictured my ex with his new girlfriend at the school hallways whenever I listened to this.

It’s beautiful because I think it’s one of her most tragic rare songs. Unlike Permanent Marker, Thirteen Blocks, and I Need You Now where the girl eventually gets the courage to move on, the girl on this one is still clinging to the idea of picking up where they left off. It’s sad because when you think about it, most of us are like this girl after a breakup–still wondering about the what ifs and still not ready to move on and love again.

1. Sweet Tea and God’s Graces

“You can love like a sinner and lose like a winner

Nothing’s shatterproof

You can crash and burn and come back someone new

That’s what I learned from you”

Talk about the rainbow after the rain. If you’re in the mood for a song full of hope, Sweet Tea and God’s Graces is all things wonderful rolled into one. It tells us that it’s okay to get hurt because, in the end, our heartbreaks will teach us life lessons in ways far more than we can imagine.

“Our heartbreaks will teach us lessons in life in ways far more than we can imagine.”

Believe Tay when she says those nights when you cry yourself to sleep will make you a stronger person after the storm. She’s been there too many times. Now look at her: still beautiful and brave and amazing and kind and perfect. If Taylor didn’t experience those downfalls,  she could never have written these amazing songs. It would never be the same.

So, just like Tay, use your heartbreaks as inspiration to keep moving forward. Keep this in mind, Swifties: nothing’s shatterproof but you’ll get by with a cup of sweet tea and God’s graces.

“Nothing’s shatterproof but you’ll get by with a cup of sweet tea and God’s graces.”

*Featured photo used not mine


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