Confessions of a Dumb Girl: My 2016 Anvil Grand Christmas Sale Experience

Note: the following are confessions of a dumb girl who loves books and learns a lot from them but is stupid enough not to learn how to prepare for a book sale event like this.

I have always been a fan of book sale events and discounted books in general. In fact, half of the books on my shelves are hauls from different book sale events. That’s why when Anvil posted this photo on Facebook,

Photo Souce: Anvil’s Facebook Page

I saved the details on my phone immediately. But then, life happened and got in the way.

Tip #1: Don’t let life get in the way of your dreams. (wiw)

So there was I, three weeks late for the grand opening of the grand warehouse sale. I’m not really a fan of sharing my stupidity with other people, but here’s my confession: I went there without knowing what types of books they publish. When I heard about the event, I pictured the National Bookstore warehouse sale where you get to bring home books of different genres like foreign classics, foreign young-adults, and foreign everything.

I was wrong.

Tip #2: Mag-research muna tungkol sa publication house.

Rey Christian (my boyfriend), Eca (my friend), Arsen (her boyfriend), and I haven’t been to Kapitolyo before, so we had a hard time finding the exact location of the warehouse. Eca and Rey, who both happen to work in Mandaluyong, were also not familiar with the place. Yes, they both know that Kapitolyo was only one jeep away from SM Megamall, but they didn’t know exactly how to get there. I was the one who invited them in the first place and I knew that I must be solely responsible for the directions and all. Sadly for them, I was never the street-smart girl. (Excuses. I was really not prepared.)

Tip#3: Alaming mabuti kung paano pumunta sa pupuntahan (?).

We all met at SM Megamall. We asked a random kuya how to get to Kapitolyo and he told us that it’s only three stoplights away from where we were. We could commute but were greeted by a long line of commuters waiting for the next jeepney. So, rather than waiting in vain, we walked. And walked. And walked. When we reached the third stoplight, we asked yet another random kuya if we’ve reached our destination. He told us that we were still two stoplights away from there. So, there. We walked and walked until we lost count of how many stoplights we’ve passed. After what seemed like forever, we asked a random ate if we’ve accomplished our mission. We did.

Tip#4: Wag maniwala sa random kuyas. Magtanong sa random ate para may chance na tama.

So this was the #Kapitolyo that I’ve been seeing on the Instagram posts of my pa-cool kid friends. As procrastinators, Eca and I checked our phones for the warehouse location for the first time. We asked a random tricycle driver where Bo’s Jungle was, but all we got from him was “Malayo pa ‘yun” before he turned his back on us. We asked three more random tricycle drivers before we finally discovered that we needed one more tricycle ride to get there.

Tip#5: Ask the fourth random tricycle driver to be safe.

We’re finally there! I never imagined I would blog about this experience, so I didn’t bring any camera. Eca brought hers, but I never thought I would need pictures for my blog. To make a long story short, I won’t be able to show you pictures of us at the Anvil warehouse.

Tip#6: Magdala ng camera kung may blog ka, you know, just in case (sad face).

It was a long journey, but when we saw the poster outside the warehouse and realized that it really was a warehouse, Eca and I couldn’t contain our giddiness. I’ve been to a few warehouse sale events before and I remembered that the NBS ATC Warehouse Sale in 2014 was not held in a warehouse. A bigger location means more chances of scoring more amazing finds. Yay!

Tip#7: Kapag sinabing warehouse sale, i-expect mo na sa warehouse gaganapin.

After we left our bags at the guard’s station, we immediately reached for a basket. Eca, having heard stories from her friends about the kind of books there, dropped her basket as soon as she laid her hands on it, saying that she would never need it anyway. Judging by the Facebook poster, I expected to see classics and YAs and some textbooks perhaps, but what greeted me were mostly textbooks and reference books, textbooks, and reference books.

Photo Source: Anvil’s Facebook Page

Anvil also posted this photo on Facebook, which set my expectations for the warehouse sale. I’m a fan of classic novels and I really wanted to buy an Anne of Green Gables book. But when we got there, I realized that maybe if we went there earlier, we could have laid hands on more great books.

Tip#8: Refer to tips number 1 and 2.

Then, the quest for books that spark my interest began. As I scanned the place and browsed through the titles, I found several (14 to be exact) that piqued my interest. I haven’t heard or seen these books before but I don’t judge by title either – I read the synopsis or overview on the back and scan the pages first before I buy a book. Let me show you my haul:


I got these 14 books for P410.00 plus the eco bag that costs P15.00. Not bad, especially because I got this treasure, which was also the most expensive of all (P100.00).


I never really bothered with history or politics when I was a student. I only became a concerned citizen when I became a registered voter, but I have always been anti-Marcos. I hope this book would enlighten me about what really happened during the Marcos era and teach me what students won’t learn from textbooks and history books in school.


After we checked out at the counter, we realized that our hands needed some TLC. Eca brought her alcohol but there were only a few drops left. Luckily for us, his boyfriend brought his monster-sized alcohol.

Tip#9: Bring a friend who has a boyfriend who has a monster-sized alcohol.

We ended our day with a few beers. It has been ages since we last met and we figured we might as well drink the night away, just like the old times.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From Pasig, we went to Malate to satisfy our cravings for Erra’s famous ramen and shut our growling stomachs. Despite the long journey from our offices to Megamall to Anvil to Malate, we had fun.

Tip#10: Pay for the buttered chicken that you all devoured, motherfuckers.


On a serious note, here are some useful tips that [I wasn’t able to use but] I want to share with you so you can have a fun, stress-free book shopping experience:

1. Since it’s a warehouse sale, expect stains, creases, torn covers, and tanning pages on the books. Bring one or more of the following because your hands will need some major TLC after scanning the dusty shelves, boxes, and piles:

  • Alcohol
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Tissue
  • Wet Wipes

2. When you find a good book that sparked your interest, don’t settle for that copy right away. Books inside the warehouse are scattered everywhere and you might find a better copy with less physical flaws after a while. I always do this whenever I visit warehouse sales, so I end up with copies that look good, if not as new. Below is a picture of the books in my haul. These copies have less tanning pages and spine creases compared to other books that I found there.


3. Bring an eco bag. If you don’t have one, they sell eco bags at the warehouse for P15.00 each.

4. Research about the books that they publish so you know what to expect.

5. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Anvil offers readers like me a great opportunity to get to know Filipino authors and their works. I expected to see good YA and classic reads but the treasures that I found were so much better than I imagined. If you are a student, you can score a variety of textbooks that are hard to find at very low prices.

6. Be there early. I’m not sure if they restock books because it’s a warehouse sale, but I believe you’ll have more options at the warehouse’s opening hours.

7. Avoid the rush hours (and Fridays, too) for obvious reasons. (But if you’re dumb like me and you went there during rush hours, you’ll do better if you walk the distance from Megamall to Kapitolyo instead of waiting for a jeep. It’s faster and more hassle-free.)

8. Always be prepared. If you want directions, Google is always at your service, thank you very much. #AlwaysChallengeYourself

The event runs until December 10, so grab your eco bags and wallet now, visit the Anvil Grand Christmas Sale, and score amazing books from Filipino authors.


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  1. Nice haul! Also, yan ba yung ramen place na pinuntahan natin nun? haha


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