Harry Potter Visits My Bookshelf

Harry was eager to win the Quidditch match and beat the Slytherins to the finals when he saw these seven giant books that bore his name in shining, shimmering gold letters.

Like a boy enthralled by the beauty of a veela, Harry could not take his eyes off of these towering books. He flew up to the sky until he reached the top of the enormous books when he was hit by a bludger. Before Harry could turn around and find out what happened, the Slytherins cheered as Draco, a boy with sleek blond hair and ice gray eyes, was lifted in the air.

Draco was holding the golden snitch, a tiny ball the size of a walnut, as he stared at Harry with a condescending sneer on his face. And just like that, the Gryffindors lost their last chance to win the house cup.



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