This Is Why I Am a Die-Hard Fan of The Beatles

More than 55 years ago, millions of youngsters from across the world suffered from a contagious disease called Beatlemania. Five decades later, a 21-year-old girl still goes gaga over the four young lads who shook the world.

Sure, there are hundreds of rock bands from the local and foreign music scenes, but The Beatles ignited a fire within me that all the others can’t give. When people discover for the first time that I have fallen head over heels for The Beatles, their first reaction is always, “Are you serious?” Yes, I have been, I am still, and I will always be.

Their Songs Never Get Old

I grew up hearing so many The Beatles songs and I was not even aware of it. I didn’t realize this until recently when I streamed an online music station for six consecutive days and listened to all of their songs. Surprisingly, I found out that I have already heard most of it.

I hear their songs everywhere I go. My father loves The Beatles and he plays some of their songs occasionally, and maybe that’s how I picked up some of the lines and melodies when I was younger. My uncles and grandfather were fans too. Not the die-hard kind of fan, but they like the songs of the band enough to be considered as a fan. On Sundays, radio stations and our neighbors play old songs, and more often than not, their Sunday playlists include three or four songs of The Beatles.

The music of these legends remained even after two of them passed away. I can’t imagine a time when people will stop listening to their songs–they have left a legacy that no other band can surpass. Their songs will follow you wherever you go–they are timeless classics that will never get old and out of style.

They Tell Me Things I Want to Hear

As a wordsmith, I listen to songs mostly because I like the lyrics and the meaning behind them. I became obsessed with the songs of The Beatles because they made me understand and get to know how men’s brains work. If Taylor Swift writes about how most women feel and think, The Beatles wrote about how most men feel and think. I know that things are a lot different during their time, but if there’s one thing that did not change, it’s how men feel and think about women and life in general.

A Hard Day’s Night is about what most men want to get from their partner after a long day at work. Please Please Me is about the unspoken feelings of a man who wants his girl to please him in bed. If I Fell shows how insecure a man can be when falling in love. These are just examples but you get the point.

Apart from these songs, I like how their love songs were just the right kind of romantic. If I were to be serenaded by a man, I’d like him to sing The Beatles songs like And I Love Her, Here, There and Everywhere, Woman (okay this is a Lennon song but still), I Will, and Till There Was You (okay just a cover but STILL, I like their version better). In short, they tell me things I want to hear.

Their Good Looks Are Just Too Hard to Resist

You know how kids and most millennials these days react when they see new boy bands with members that are too good-looking? OR, you know how the Beatlemaniacs back then screamed, hyperventilated, and fainted at the mere sight of these four young lads? I was once like them, too. As sloppy as it sounds, there was a phase in my life where I became so obsessed with The Beatles because of their good looks that are just too hard to resist. Yes, a part of me still loved their songs during those times, but mostly, my obsession was about their looks.

To be honest, I first fell in love with Paul because he obviously has the most beautiful physical features. After some time, I became more attracted to the face of John and I am still. For months, I raved about the Fab Four’s good looks, even telling other people that the One Direction band that they patronize today is nothing compared to The Beatles, which is pointless and unreasonable because the two bands are simply not the same. Forgive me, I was young and dumb.

There’s Always Something New to Fangirl About

Unlike other self-proclaimed Beatlemaniacs, my obsession with the band doesn’t stop with listening to their songs, which are quite too many, to be honest. I research and watch their videos a lot during my free time that I was even disappointed when Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years, Ron Howard’s documentary, was released. The tagline of the film was “The Band You Know, The Story You Don’t” so I expected to see a lot of fresh information about the band. Sadly, most of the clips and facts there (except the full-length, digitalized Shea Stadium concert, of course) are common knowledge to die-hard Beatles fans. I guess I set my expectations too high that I forgot to note that only Paul and Ringo are alive. So, if Ron Howard would present unheard of stories, these stories could only come from the two living band members who were also the speaking heads in the film.

However, that film was only about their touring years. Even though I know a lot about these four lads already, there is still so much more to learn about their life and music.

I guess that’s the best thing about fangirling over a band fifty years after they took over the world–so much has happened in this span of time that you won’t be able to keep up even if you spend most of your time researching. Luckily for me, the internet gives me access to a lot of reading materials. Whether true or not, these fresh stories and details keep the Beatlemaniac fire inside of me burning.

They Make Me Feel Like I Belong

Have you ever felt like you were born in the wrong generation? Like when you read a classic novel or heard a classic song and you really wished you were born when the authors or singers were still alive? I do. All the time.

When it first dawned on me (like really dawned) that John and George were dead already, I cried. I know my reaction was 30 years late, but I cried as hard as the fans of Christina Grimmie did when she was shot earlier this year. I cried like I did when Alan Rickman died. I cried because I couldn’t believe it; perhaps I was still in denial. They sound so real when I hear their voice and they look so full of life when I see them in videos, even in black and white. To me, they are not dead; they are just too distant, too far from me like so many foreign artists and singers that I can’t reach. But they do make me feel like I belong.

As an introvert, I’d rather interact with people in my head than with people in front of me. I dislike going to movie theaters to watch mainstream movies as well as going to gigs to watch mainstream bands because I don’t want to bump into annoying people. In other words, I hate jumping on the bandwagon. Being a fan of The Beatles turned my world upside down.

Now, I am a member of a Facebook group called The Beatles Universe. It feels good to interact with people who are not my age but understands my love and passion for something. I learn a lot from them and guess what? Most of them are seniors! Unlike other fan groups, they are not pretentious; they are really, madly, truly, crazily passionate about The Beatles and that’s exactly why I love them.

Just recently, I attended a tribute gig organized by my fellow Filipino Beatlemaniacs where we rocked and rolled to the beat of The Beatles’ timeless classics. There were only a few of us who came to witness the show, but it was fun because we all shared the same passion and love for the band.

The Beatles opened up a whole new world that I consider as my place of solace, and it’s always ready to take me in whenever I want to escape reality. This band makes me feel like I belong. Thank you, John, Paul, George, and Ringo for being there for me when no one else was. You shook my world just like how you did more than 55 years ago.

*Featured photo used not mine


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