The Fab Four on My Wall: A Family Project

Last September (my birthday month), my family worked together to build a hanging bookshelf inside my room. It was one of those activities that bring a family closer together and  I’m glad that my parents and siblings contributed to the project not only because they wanted to fulfill my birthday wish, but because they were into creative activities as well.

Me and my hanging bookshelves

Recently, we brought out our creative juices once again to give my wall a makeover. This time, we added a touch of classic to my wall.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that in one of my previous posts about the evolution of my bookshelves, I immediately thought of painting my wall as soon as my shelf was ready. Sadly, it took us three months before we could finally turn my vision into reality. My sister Jenniza had been busy with her studies and work and my younger brothers waited for her go signal before they embarked on this creative endeavor.

I knew that Jenniza’s workload won’t get any lighter soon, so I decided to leave the task in the hands of our bunso. Andrew was more than willing (and excited even) to take the lead, so I had no problem with him. All I did was give him the blueprint with a P200.00 as bribe (lol) and he already had the sketch ready after two days. My father helped him do the sketch and it turned out perfectly well. Jenniza gave it a final touch.

Here’s a picture of them working on the sketch and painting my wall:


We had a great time working together even though my role was merely to judge their work, pinpoint their mistakes, praise the final output, and boast about it on my blog. That’s how creative directors should act, right? I just did my job.

The best thing about this project was that all of us contributed to make it perfect. My mother and grandmother entered my room every now and then to catch a glimpse of the WIP and help in their own little ways like bringing the washcloth near the painters. My father helped with the sketch, Joshua, my younger brother, helped paint the silhouette of George’s face, and Angelica and Adrian cheered as the project progressed (laking tulong wiw).

Here’s the final output:

The Fab Four on My Wall

We had pizza delivered courtesy of yours truly when the project was completed. It was my simple way of expressing my gratitude because another item was crossed off my bucket list. More creative works and family projects to come!

Production Team

Creative Director: Airen Jem (Panganay)

Artists: Andrew Joseph (Bunso) and Papa

Painters: Jenniza Anne (Second), Andrew Joseph, and Joshua Aaron (Fifth)

Personal Assistants: Mama and Mommy (Grandmother)

Fans: John Adrian (Third) and Angelica Joyce (Fourth)


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