11 Awkward Moments Every Introvert Can Relate To (Published on Introvert Diaries)

We introverts love solitude beyond words and social interactions wear us out. Here are 11 classic examples of why we prefer to be alone than face the crowd:

1. That awkward moment when…you arrive at a party full of strangers and you instantly regret going.

But you can’t leave because that would be awkward and you don’t want to attract more attention so you just daydream about snuggling up in your own room with a good book in one hand and a glass of wine on the other. After all, we introverts can’t sleep until we finish the next chapter.

2. That awkward moment when…everyone around you is worried if something is wrong.

Truth is, you really were fine until they asked the million-dollar question “Are you okay?”

3. That awkward moment when…someone you hate won’t stop talking to you but you don’t want to be rude.

And you keep looking around, sending telepathic messages to your friends, waiting for someone to save you from your misery but this person keeps on talking and talking so you just sit there and look that person in the eye with your resting bitch face on.

4. That awkward moment when…your friend invites you to a party and pinky promises that you’ll have so much fun.

And you want to ask her what’s her definition of “so much fun” because yours is to stay in bed playing video games or watching your favorite TV series while devouring a box of scrumptious pizza.

5. That awkward moment when…everyone keeps pointing out why you’re being quiet.

It’s lunch time and the entire squad is sharing stories of their adventures last Friday night and you’re sitting there, eating, and they keep asking why you’re being quiet. You’re like, “What? Am I supposed to tell you what happened to the girl I kissed in my dreams last Friday?”

6. That awkward moment when…you and another introvert are stuck in an elevator and you don’t know how to fill the silence.

“Hi.” “Hi.” *forced smiles* *awkward silence* “So, uhm…gotta go.” “Yeah, sure.”

7. That awkward moment when…people try to spark a conversation while you’re reading.

And you want to throw that hardbound book to their direction but you suddenly remember how precious that book is that you’d rather listen to them for hours than hurt your book.

8. That awkward moment when…they ask about your favorite author and you can’t stop talking.

Because after so many conversations that kept you sitting in the corner without a word, you are super excited right now and this left them all rather surprised.

9. That awkward moment when…everyone is having a conversation but you’re lost in your own thoughts and not listening to a single word they say.

Everyone is all smiles and you are there in the corner, not listening to their conversation, wondering how your cousin could have grown so fast because the last time he was there he was like a baby and now he’s all grown up and then your aunt asks you how are you but you didn’t hear her and suddenly all eyes are on you but you have literally no words.

10. That awkward moment when…your crush starts flirting with you but you don’t know how to flirt back.

Your inner Taylor Swift is singing “Sparks Fly” and you want to just grab and kiss him because the moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived but you just sit there and freeze.

11. That awkward moment when…you need to recharge your introvert battery but your relatives are coming over for dinner.

introvert awkward moment

This was originally published on Introvert Diaries


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