Humans of Rizal Park: A Hashtag Squad Goal

My workmates inspired me to create a blog and in return, I invited my college friends to create their own. Mission accomplished. Ha ha.

So, one rainy day in the middle of December, I was wallowing in depressing thoughts and drowning in the pool of my own misery when a fucking wonderful idea hit me: a project that my bored college friends and I would enjoy. And because I am so creative and original, I made a blog that’s so uncreative and unoriginal: Humans of Rizal Park. If it rings a bell, that’s because we borrowed the idea from Humans of New York.


HoRP’s Mission Statement


In this blog, we feature slice-of-life stories and portraits of… (for more information, visit our blog). Why Luneta Park? Why not Humans of Manila? Humans of Manila already exists. And to answer the question why Luneta Park, check out our About page.

Preview of HoRP’s Blog


This post is my way of introducing our hashtag squad project (and inviting you to follow our blog hihi). The project started last December but as my hashtag squad had been busy for the holiday season and had post-holiday blues (don’t we all?), we were only able to officially launch the blog and Facebook page yesterday.

I seriously can’t contain my excitement right now so I’m leaving it here. Please also like our Facebook page and spread the love! Thanks in advance, beshies!


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