10 Practical Jobs That Introverts Will Absolutely Love (Published on Introvert Diaries)

Ask as many introverts you know about what they love doing most and you will probably get the same answer: jobs that involve minimal social interaction. And because we process our thoughts differently than extroverted people, we prefer to work alone than in groups or teams.

Most of us don’t want to deal or get involved with office politics, so the best career for us is the type that allows us to recharge our introvert battery while doing our best work. If you are having a hard time choosing a career path, we have compiled a list of practical jobs for introverts that can help you get you started.

Social Media Manager

We know it sounds ironic, but social media management is one of the perfect jobs for introverts. Yes, you still need to deal with a lot of people for the most part, but there’s no face-to-face interaction in this type of job.

Here, your responses do not have to be real-time. If you don’t feel like answering an angry netizen at the moment, you can delay the conversation and get back at them when you’ve finally calmed yourself. Sound easy, right?

Online Support Representative

Like a social media manager, an online support representative does not have to worry about person-to-person interaction. This type of job gives you the opportunity to think before you speak, rather than talking with a customer spontaneously.

Plus, a lot of companies provide a canned text for support representatives for specific situations so you won’t have to stress yourself thinking of the right words to say.

Radio DJ

Having worked at a radio broadcasting company before, I have seen what it’s like to become a disc jockey and I think introverts would fall head over heels for this career. Public speaking may not be every introvert’s cup of tea, but talking out loud in front of a microphone and without a visible audience might just be perfect for you.

Film/Video Editor

If you are a social introvert and you find the idea of working in the company of other people unnerving, you might as well work behind the scenes. A film or video editor works after all the shooting is done, and you get the alone time you need to recharge your battery.

Animal Care

Are you one of those introverts who would rather have pets as companions? If yes, then we have found the ultimate career for you. You can try all sorts of animal care-related jobs, from pet store staff to veterinarian’s office assistant. If you are looking to step up your game, you can also try being the boss or the veterinarian yourself.


Back in college, I worked as a service crew at a fast food restaurant and I promised myself that I would never try that job again. For me (and for most introverts), going around serving people while forcing a smile all the time for straight eight hours are a big no-no.

What if you can still work in the food industry but inside the kitchen? Being a kitchen wizard (a.k.a. cook or chef) is a fantastic nine-to-five job where you can show off your cooking skills sans the struggle of dealing with customers. Your business is pure food-related–you don’t get yelled at by customers and you don’t get to face them at all.

Financial Clerk/Bookkeeper/Accountant

For all those introverts who go crazy over numbers, you can try being an accountant if you have a license or a bookkeeper or financial clerk if you haven’t applied for one yet. In these types of job, most of your work involves handling spreadsheets and calculating figures. If you’re the type of person who would rather be occupied with her work than with depressing thoughts, give it a go.

Book Specialist/Librarian

Do you have a knack for reading? Does the mere thought of being surrounded by books excite you? Why not try working as a book specialist or a librarian? This may sound boring for other people, but for bibliophiles, this is already too much heaven. Sure, you will still need to talk with customers, but if the topic is books, I bet you won’t be able to resist.

Web Developer/Programmer

In this techy techy world, one of the most high-paying and on-demand jobs is the web developer/programmer. Professionals in this field only work in small groups or teams, so you can expect to work on your own for the most part.

Creative Freelancer

Oh, hello there, fellow creatives! I was told that if you love doing something, do it after hours. If your nine-to-five job is about researching stuff for your company, you can try to become a freelance photographer, writer, blogger, or what have you. Most of these jobs can be done online, so you won’t have to worry about traveling from one office to another. Don’t let your creative juices go to waste–not everybody is blessed with that gift! *winks*

This was originally published on Introvert Diaries


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