My Story Isn’t Over Yet

So today, I received the sweetest, most beautiful Valentine’s Day gift that’s not from my boyfriend. I know, I know. I said in my previous post that the poem from that guy was the sweetest, most beautiful Valentine’s Day gift that’s not from my boyfriend, but the day after I wrote that post, a rather unexpected gift from someone I hold dear came and my perception about the sweetest, most beautiful Valentine’s Day gift that’s not from my boyfriend will never be the same.

The Valentine’s Day Mystery win_20170215_22_34_53_pro-2

Last February 14, I received a notice from the Philippine Postal Corporation to claim a parcel sent to me by an anonymous person; otherwise,  it will be returned to the sender if unclaimed within 30 days.

To be honest, I had no idea who sent that mystery gift. The name of the sender was not revealed in the notice and I also didn’t expect something from anyone–I didn’t order something online. I asked my best friend if she sent me anything. She said that she did, but that was last September and she was not sure if the parcel was from her.

Now here’s the thing: I’ve never been to the Manila Central Post Office before because I’ve no business there and obviously, sending handwritten letters through mail is a thing of the past. When I received that notice without the slightest idea of who the sender was and what the thing was, I realized it would be a waste of time to claim it personally. So, I ordered my sister to claim it, wrote an authorization letter, and gave her my IDs.

Earlier today, I changed my mind. I wanted to experience what’s like to claim something at the post office. Lakas maka-hipster eh.

My “Post Office” Experience

I went to the post office before noon and was drawn to the structure of the old building. If I would be honest, the structure was beautiful because #vintage, but walking down the dimly lit hallways on my way to window 124 where I claimed my parcel gave me the chills. Sobrang creepy kinilabutan ako. 

After a while, I was finally able to confirm who the sender was–no, the Customs and PhilPost officials didn’t tell me and the parcel didn’t reveal the name of the mysterious sender either–I just knew. Inside the parcel was a bracelet and it’s no ordinary bracelet–it’s the bracelet that my best friend *sort of* promised to give me on my birth month last year.

The Back Story

Oddly enough, September 10, my birthday, is also the Suicide Prevention Day. This is the biggest joke I’ve ever heard in my entire lifetime and I don’t find it funny at all–my best friend and I have lost count on how many times we attempted to put an end to it. Anyway, I saw this [photo below] last September (I’m just not sure if this is the actual post) and tagged my best friend on the comments section. It said “Free” and “all you pay is the shipping fee” so she took my address and got two para matchy matchy.

Source: ThirtyOne Blue

The Surprise

Five months later…


My best friend ordered one for herself as well but she still hasn’t received her parcel yet. I can’t wait to see a picture of her wearing this semicolon bangle because although we don’t say it out loud, this bangle will become a mark of our friendship that will remind us to always #StayStrong because our stories aren’t over yet. In fact, we’re just about to write it. Wait ka lang, bes.

Source: Grammarly

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