This Is What It Feels Like to Finally Know Your Worth

Have you ever been taken for granted by someone you hold dear? Did you cry yourself to sleep thinking that you deserve better? Did you blame yourself for loving a person who can’t love you back?

Well, I’ve got news for you. I’ve been there, too, except that it’s nothing romantic. Sure, it was a relationship. Yes, it involved love. And yes, it shattered my heart and soul to pieces when I finally called it off, but it’s not what you think it is.

Have you ever been cheated on by someone? You loved her beyond words, like Tom loved Summer. You thought she loved you. She made you feel as if you were her universe, her life, her everything. You even convinced yourself that it’s okay that she didn’t love you as much, because nothing compared to the amount of love that you had for her. But then one day, everything turned to dust. She did not appreciate your efforts, much more recognize your actions. Her friend told you that she was seeing someone else. For her, you will never be enough, and this left you in fragments.

That’s what I felt.

To be honest, quitting my first job did not cross my mind until Company Y came in the picture. Company X was far from perfect, but I stayed and gave them the benefit of the doubt. When Company Y came, I realized I’d been turning a blind eye for so long.

Although I will always be grateful for the opportunities that Company X has given me, I knew that it was only about time that I would try to explore the opportunities that others have in store for me. I stuck around Company X for almost two years, and as a millennial, that’s saying something. Most of my friends are already on their second, third company right now.

When I signed the contract with Company Y, I began to appreciate myself again. That was the glorifying moment when I finally realized that I deserve this. On that day, I became reacquainted with an old flame that I haven’t seen since high school–confidence. It just feels so good to have people who know your worth, who recognize your skills and talent, and believe in all that you can offer.

The next time the world drops doubt-bombs all over me, I’d look back to this memory and believe that I can do all the right things with the right mindset, in the right timing.


This is my entry to my college friends and I’s weekly blog challenge.


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