Dear Universe, Keep ‘Em Coming

Fine. I know I’m 18 days too late and this post is a shout into the void, but I want to thank the Universe for all the wonderful things that transpired last month. Best. Month. So. Far.

I welcomed February with a Facebook post that said “Dear Universe, Keep ’em coming” and the Universe hasn’t failed me since. *kilig* Here’s a roundup of all the graces bestowed upon me by the Great Universe.

Can you believe all of these happened in just one month? Because I still can’t. If there’s one thing I wish I was able to do, it’s to make more time for my project Humans of Rizal Park. All in all, the month was so perfect I’m afraid the Universe will end the streak. And so, Sir, allow me to plead once more: please keep them coming.


5 thoughts on “Dear Universe, Keep ‘Em Coming

  1. Yay! Good to know that you are doing well Airen! We are all experiencing discovery, so I am glad that you are discovering things on your own. 😀 Good luck and cheers to all of us! 😀

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