Unfinished Business

The last four months have been ~extremely~ physically and mentally taxing. My day job required a lot from me: extra time and extra effort, among others. Honestly, two days away from work every week was not enough to compensate for all the stress the job gave me. It was a hell of a ride but I swear it was fun.

This month, I officially resigned from that full-time job, and that’s why I am here today working on an unfinished business.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that my average number of published entries per month is five. I also make sure to write a minimum of another five drafts (which are obviously unpublished).

When I started working as a manager, I had less time for blogging (which is kinda disappointing, to be honest), much more for other things like my social life and side hustles. I was officially promoted last September, but I began taking on the role in August. At first, I decided I’d try to publish at least one entry a month, but I failed. Here’s an overview of how many entries I was able to publish over the past quarter:

  • September – 2
  • October – 0
  • November – 0

I also had no time to write entries for others platforms. My plan to continue writing for a well-known website remained as a plan, and I was seriously disappointed with myself for allowing my nine-to-five job to get in the way.

I started this blog to create an outlet for my thoughts and feelings, and I swear I feel like my heart and mind could explode anytime. Although my loved ones have been supportive as always, nothing compares to the relief that comes from putting my thoughts into words.

With four months’ worth of ideas and emotions inside me and all the unpublished drafts on my blog, I could publish an entry every day until March next year if only I have no growing to-do list.

But now that I am officially on vacation, I’ll have more time for many things, including my blog. This is the first step, so get ready. I am about to grace your screens with shitty entries again, only to disappoint you with the petty, trivial concerns and never-ending whinings of a typical Millennial. #SorryNotSorry


2 thoughts on “Unfinished Business

  1. Missed you Airen!

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