2018 Target: Read at Least 30 Books

New year’s resolutions are so overrated. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, I decided I’d give one of Goodreads’ Challenges a try. This year, my target is to read at least 30 books.

Screenshot of my 2018 Goodreads reading challenge

Back in college, I used to read at least 100 books a year. And that’s only a rough estimate, considering that I ditched many classes just so I could finish reading books. There were days when I could indulge in three books a day even when I had tons of other items in my to-do list. I even read the entire Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix book in one sitting.

Back in college, reading was my favorite escape from reality (apart from excessive drinking, duh).

As I entered the corporate jungle, reading became a necessity. Over the years, my full-time job has always been writing-related, and just as an athlete needs to work out to keep his or her body fit, I need to read to feed my imagination and keep the creative juices flowing.

Yet as this necessity called for extra hours of inhaling words so I could exhale new ideas, my mind and body tired easily, which also called for extra hours of recharging my energy.

I could always find an excuse to read past my ideal bedtime, but I could only stay awake for some time.

And as I was constantly battling anxiety and depression (and goodness knows what other mental illness), the hours that I could have spent reading were unfortunately spent wallowing in negative thoughts.

Last year, I have read not more than 20 books (another rough estimate because I didn’t keep track of my progress). The number was a bit disappointing but acceptable nonetheless.

This 2018, I’ll try to read at least 30, out of necessity to become well-read and out of my need to reform my habits. Instead of drowning in the sea of depressing thoughts (which is totally unavoidable, as, I hope, we all know by now) I’ll try to be more productive by devouring words and getting inspiration so I could become a better writer, a better thinker, and a better human being.

Are you also participating in any reading challenges this year? Let me know in the comments section!


2 thoughts on “2018 Target: Read at Least 30 Books

  1. Yes. My reading challenge is four academic e-textbooks; one tavel guide book; one language course book; several books of accounts; plus depending on the mood but definitely at least one fiction novel – TATWD, which I already started.

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  2. Planning to read TATWD, too. Thanks to you. 😀


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