About Nowheregirl

Airen is a 22-year-old wordsmith from Manila, PH who believes that the first irony of life is that a socially awkward human founded a socially exhausting project.

Why Nowheregirl

A proud INFP, Airen is an idealistic/hopeless romantic cheeseball who once thought that her life had no direction. Thanks to The Fab Four, she discovered that the world is at her command.

What’s With the Tagline

For more than three years, she has been professionally working as a writer of various sorts. While her specializations are copywriting and content marketing, she also writes features and creative content, among other things.

She’s currently working as a full-time digital content marketer at an Australian-based agency, but she does freelance writing and editing projects on the side.

Airen has published articles on online platforms, like Thought Catalog and Candy Magazine. She basically writes her way through life, hence the blog’s tagline.

What Makes Her Happy

Her interests include arranging her books by hue, watching wrestling with loudspeaker on, giving too many unsolicited fucks, fangirling over The Beatles, pretending to have insomnia so she can read past her ideal bedtime, reading books about women, wearing tassel earrings in the most inappropriate occassions, advocating for mental illness awareness, and, well, writing about anything that strikes her fancy.

Fun Facts

Fun fact #1: As of writing, she has:

  • Published Blog Entries: 60
  • Unpublished Blog Entries: 114

Fun fact #2: One of her previous bosses told her that she always wears her heart on her sleeve but that she shouldn’t. The second irony of life is that for someone who wears her heart on her sleeve, she doesn’t give a f*ck about what others think of her.