Here Lies My Deepest, Darkest Secrets


My friends think I’m a workaholic, but I’m not.

I’m a full-fledged slasher.

I work full-time as a content marketer; I accept writing and copyediting gigs on the side. Web copy, features, social media content… you name it. But I’m not a workaholic. I always make time for stuff that makes life worthwhile, like traveling, reading books, binge-watching on Netflix (of course), eating out, and—you guessed it right—writing.


I’m addicted to writing.

I blog when I’m bored. Or submit content to online magazines for FREE. Yep, for free. Truth is, I’m kinda passionate when it comes to causes I care about. Like mental health. Women’s rights. Saving the environment. (Hint: feel free to message me for pro-bono works). I’d ditch my job in the blink of an eye to help others.

You can say I live and breathe words. Wherever I go and whatever I do, I think about writing. My home office is full of notebooks and sticky notes with ideas I’m working on. I even wrote songs when I was 12! Can you imagine how sloppy the lyrics were?


I do what I want.

I looooove to try out new things. Recently, I bought a mirrorless camera to work on my photography skills. And in case you didn’t know, I founded this passion project called Humans of Rizal Park with my best buddies. In August of 2018, I challenged myself to climb at least 10 mountains until December that year. And I did it!

In 2018 as well, I followed beauty vloggers on social media and decided I’d take my makeup skills to a whole new level. Today, I own a collection of makeups from various local brands.


If you are really that bored to want to get to know me further, I think it’s important that you know this: I hate attention but people think otherwise. I am an introvert. I have social anxiety. But then, one thing I learned in life is to embrace your natural… gifts. If I do attract attention for whatever I do or say, so be it. The nowheregirl is so ready for it.


I fooled you. There are no dark secrets,  only deep ones (at least to me).

Why the nowheregirl?

  1. I’m a Beatlemaniac. Go figure.
  2. Ever since I started this blog, I have had multiple attempts to explain why I named this blog as such.  I would write a draft, hesitate, publish, delete. I am never satisfied. Guess that makes me a nowheregirl through and through, don’t you think?

But of course, there’s a silver lining in everything. I may not know yet what I want to do and where I want to go in life, but I’m sure of this: writing is my passion. As the nowheregirl once said on her blog, I write my way through life.

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