I’m Back But Not Really

Hola! I know I've been MIA for some time (one year and four months to be exact) but I'm gracing the screen of whoever is reading this to announce that I'm still alive and breathing.


The Artidote Did It Again

After months of writing my way through the pain, a thought suddenly hit me—I was glamorizing suicide by writing about it. At first I tried to brush it off, but anxiety got the best of me. I couldn't get over the idea that I was to blame.

2018 Target: Read at Least 30 Books

This 2018, I'll try to read at least 30, out of necessity to become well-read and out of my need to reform my habits.

I Can’t Believe I’m 22

Is it too early to say I'm having a quarter-life crisis? Or is it just my anxiety getting the best of me? Whatever. It's depressing.

September 10 Is World Suicide Prevention Day

September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day. Ironically, it's also my birthday

Applying the 70:20:10 Ratio Outside the Office

The bottom line is, although the formal learning accounts for only 10% of the total learning of an employee, it plays a crucial role to improve the performance of a person in the workplace.

Liebster Award

I don't have a large following, so I was #shookt when Niall, an English professor from Ireland, followed me. In turn, I'm giving these people, whom I've been following for months and whose blogs inspire me to write, a chance to speak.