This Is Why No One Wants to Talk About Their Mental Illness (Published on Candy Magazine)

With the majority of the population still turning a blind eye on mental health issues and with the stigma around it, admitting that you are mentally impaired is synonymous to claiming that you are crazy, psychotic, pathetic, crybaby, or whatever names they call mental health sufferers.

13 Reasons Why I’m Not Taking Any of Your Opinions (Published on Candy Mag)

And because we are all entitled to voice out our opinion, I listed the 13 reasons why I don't understand all the hate.

A Thank You Note From a Muggle: How J.K. Rowling Saved Me (Published on Candy Mag)

So thank you, J.K. Rowling, for saving me from real-life Dementors when they kissed my soul and sucked all the happiness out of me.

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I Don’t Need Saving, I’m Not Sally (Published on Candy Mag)

Depression is an illness just like how cancer is an illness. Like a fluid released from a ruptured cyst, it will permeate your brain until you can no longer take the pain. You won't know when it'll hit you and when it does, there's no escape.