Capping Off the Year With Great Local Movies: An MMFF 2016 Roundup

When I first heard about the MMFF restructure, my first thought was "finally!" For me, it's about time a film festival as big as the MMFF acknowledge the underdogs in the film industry. The mission of the organization, after all, is "to encourage the production of quality Filipino films," not to produce crowd-pleasers that the masses a.k.a. poor Filipinos are bound to enjoy.

Confessions of a Dumb Girl: My 2016 Anvil Grand Christmas Sale Experience

We all want to come prepared to a book sale event like this, but that's what books will not tell us.

Beatlemaniacs, Booze, and Boyfriend: My The Beatles Tribute Night Experience

Because what could be better than a night spent with your boyfriend? A Beatles tribute night with booze and him, of course.