A Thank You Note From a Muggle: How J.K. Rowling Saved Me (Published on Candy Mag)

So thank you, J.K. Rowling, for saving me from real-life Dementors when they kissed my soul and sucked all the happiness out of me.


This Is Why I Don’t Want to Make Love With You (Published on Thought Catalog)

I don’t want to make love to you not because I am weak, but because I believe.

This Is Why Depression Is Not ‘Just a Phase’ (Published on Thought Catalog)

I know, because I've been there many times before. But unlike others who gave up, I lived to tell the tale.

The Art of Dying as Told by a Not-So-Self-Destructive Millennial (Featured on Mogul)

I settled for the less physically painful, but it is the kind of pain that I would have to endure for the rest of my life. This is the kind of suffering preferred by the brave souls.

To the Twenty-Something Girl Who Thinks She’s Fucked up… (Published on Thought Catalog)

You are not your job, your salary, the coffee that you drink, the places that you go to, the clothes that you buy. What you are is young and free. You deserve to be happy.

10 Reasons Why an ESFP-INFP Relationship Is Bound to Last (Published on Thought Catalog)

After digging deeper into these personality types, I came to the conclusion that it's hard to make an INFP-ESFP relationship work. But when these two choose love over their differences, RSVP your attendance on their wedding as early as now because their relationship is bound to last.