The Artidote Did It Again

After months of writing my way through the pain, a thought suddenly hit me—I was glamorizing suicide by writing about it. At first I tried to brush it off, but anxiety got the best of me. I couldn't get over the idea that I was to blame.

I’m Slowly Learning to Accept That Happiness Is Not the End Goal

You can be satisfied but not happy, and that's okay. Perhaps if we just focus on finding the meaning of life, we might have a shot at living a fulfilling one.

Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed: A Self-Confession

Perhaps I need to be constantly reminded that whenever bullshit comes knocking on my door, the best revenge is to close my eyes and pretend that it never happened. Or is it?

Eternal Struggle of the Creative Mind

You see, I think that's the eternal struggle of a creative's mind. I pay attention to the world too much to the point that I always find myself over thinking about everything and becoming highly sensitive when I notice that something is not right.

Mind Your Own Vagina (or Shut the Fuck up If You Don’t Have One)

Being pro-abortion is not about supporting the mere act of taking lives; it's about defending the reproductive rights of women.

An Open Letter to Filipinos Who Think Duterte’s Sexist Remarks Against Women Are Okay

These acts of sexism and misogyny need to stop. Only then will women feel that change has truly come.