Photo Series: A Quick Stroll in Rizal Park

Earlier today, my boyfriend and I went to Rizal Park to take some photos for our project Humans of Rizal Park. As we were pressed for time, we were only able to take a quick stroll. Feel free to check out some of the photos but please don’t judge me huhu. To view the entire photo series, check out my portfolio.


A Quick Escapade: Revisiting the Holy Grounds of Regina RICA

My boyfriend’s family lives in Tanay, Rizal and their house is situated in the heart of Sitio Aguho, just a  stone’s throw away from Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia (RICA). Regina RICA is the renowned pilgrimage of Mama Mary where devotees meditate and pray, tourists take a tour, and Cool Kids take pictures for their Instagram posts (lol).

Regina RICA – you can actually enter the pilgrimage and pray

We’ve stepped into the confines of this sacred ground quite a few times already. Whenever we visit his family, a trip to Regina is always included in our itinerary. Even though we have set foot on this paradise many times before, we are always fascinated with the beauty and serenity of the place every time we go here.

Rey Christian is a Christian (hehe) but he doesn’t mind that the place is made especially for Catholics (like me) and the people there don’t care about him, too. The feeling is mutual. Yehey.

So, enough with the introduction and let’s focus on the photos of our quick escapade captured through his camera phone (with an emphasis on focus because some pictures were out of focus hehehe):

Welcome to Regina RICA!

We skipped this section where you need to take off your shoes and socks before you can enter. We’ve been to Regina RICA five or six times and yet we haven’t noticed this part until recently. Wiw.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step lol

The fool on the hill

Selfie with Regie

Mah poging boyfriend taking a selfie with his ex-lover (hart hart)


Here are the things you can do when you reach the top:

  • Light a candle and say a prayer
  • Write a thank you note or special intention letter
  • Walk the labyrinth (wasn’t able to take a photo cos it was raining) and say a prayer
  • Enter the pilgrimage (a.k.a. sulod) and meditate
  • Take in the view. It’s liberating
  • Take a selfie
  • Take more selfies cos y not

We did numbers 2, 5, 6, and 7.

#SelfiePaMore at the hilltop cos y not

Rey Christian reclaiming his freedom at the cross (charot)

The wishing well and the King of Wishful Thinking

The chapel where people gather to attend mass


Handong sa pamilyang Pilipino

May boyfriend so gay he posed like this in front of so many #pilgrims

Speaking of #pilgrims…

Hehe ganda ko besh no?

Piktuyr piktyur while saying goodbye to Regina

Lastly, selfies while on the trike