What Did Mark Twain Mean By “Good Books?”

Although I believe well-read people have advantages over those who aren't, being a bibliophile does not give us a free pass to insult the intellectual capacity of non-readers.


A Writer’s Dilemma: To Read, to Watch, or to Write?

Juggling three hobbies at a time may be tough, but I realize there's no harm in doing it. After all, these activities keep me engaged.

8 Books That Perfectly Capture What It’s Like to Be an Introvert (Published on Introvert Diaries)

When not writing stories, introverts spend their time reenacting fictional tales and narratives inside their heads. We rounded up a list of books that perfectly capture what it’s like to have an introverted personality.

The Evolution of My Bookshelves

What started out as a simple stack of books turned into a Life's Library, a book tree, and now, a hanging bookshelf.