The Artidote Did It Again

After months of writing my way through the pain, a thought suddenly hit me—I was glamorizing suicide by writing about it. At first I tried to brush it off, but anxiety got the best of me. I couldn't get over the idea that I was to blame.


13 Reasons Why I’m Not Taking Any of Your Opinions (Published on Candy Mag)

And because we are all entitled to voice out our opinion, I listed the 13 reasons why I don't understand all the hate.

Why We Must Keep Fighting for Our Mental Health Even After Amy Bleuel’s Death (Published on Thought Catalog)

If anything, Amy's death is a reminder that we should continue to fight the stigma and spread awareness about mental health.

This Is What Depression Actually Feels Like, Because We’d Give Anything For It To Stop (Published on Thought Catalog)

I thought about the 101 reasons to be happy, and suddenly I was not happy. I thought about all the things that could happen that could break the streak. And the mere thought of it did it.

This Is Why Depression Is Not ‘Just a Phase’ (Published on Thought Catalog)

I know, because I've been there many times before. But unlike others who gave up, I lived to tell the tale.

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I Don’t Need Saving, I’m Not Sally (Published on Candy Mag)

Depression is an illness just like how cancer is an illness. Like a fluid released from a ruptured cyst, it will permeate your brain until you can no longer take the pain. You won't know when it'll hit you and when it does, there's no escape.